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Tuesday, September 24, 2002

In other sports related news...

The Red Sox remained alive in the race for the AL Wild Card thanks to a 15-inning win over the Orioles last night.

With six games to go, the Sox and the Seattle Mariners have won 90 games, six games behind the Anaheim Angels. Any Angels win from here on out clinches at least a wild card for them. If the Angels went 0-6, though, the Sox or Mariners could force a tie by running the table. The Red Sox are in Chicago for three and then close out the season at Fenway against the Devil Rays. The Angels play Texas for three and finish the season against...Seattle. That could be one heck of an interesting series.

The odds on all of this are astronomical, of course. But if any team has a better claim to a "choke" label than the Red Sox, it's the Angels. You don't even have to go back to Donnie Moore and Dave Henderson in the 1986 ALCS; the Angels' 1995 down-the-stretch collapse by most measures was a more dramatic choke job than even the Red Sox' infamous 1978 belly flop.

In addition to rooting for the Rangers, I think a Red Sox fan has a duty to pull for Seattle to sweep Oakland - it's easier to imagine the Mariners pulling off a sweep if they have something to play for. Even if it means a three-way tie.

Yeah, whatever, Tim. It's over. Time to watch football.

At least the Patriots are overachievers, perhaps to compensate for the underachieving Red Sox, hard as it as to call any baseball team that is on pace to win 94 games "underachievers."


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