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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Four Random Thoughts on the Sniper Attacks:

1. The sniper has come back to Maryland where it all began, after apparently taking a detour deep into the heart of Virginia. Life in DC - if it's not one thing, it's another...*sigh*...

2. So, if the ransom note is authentic, it's all about the $10,000,000. Very puzzling, since I don't know how he (she?) is going to get the money if even if someone were prepared to offer it up. Which leads me to believe the letter is fake, and the tarot card might be too.

3. I had up to now assumed the sniper would be caught before Election Day, though now the possibility looms that he (she?) will still be at large, and that this would be a terrible thing for Rep. Robert Ehrlich, since being perceived as the "pro-gun" candidate is a Very Bad Thing(TM) when someone presumed to be a lone wolf is running around shooting at people, and doing in such a way as to not make people think "If I only had my gun, I could stop this guy," the way they might react to, say, a wave of home invasion killings. Plus, all else being equal, it could prevent a minority party candidate (the GOP is very much in the minority in Maryland) from getting more traction since this story has been taking publicity and headline space away from the gubernatorial race - not to mention that the Democratic nominee, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, seems to be a low-watt bulb in terms of campaign acumen. If the sniper is still at large on Election Day, you'd have to think Ehrlich would have the advantage, since most of the people who'd be scared away from turning out to the polls would be in Montgomery or Prince George's Counties in the Washington suburbs, where Townsend leads and where her camapign is most targeted. Ehrlich has a solid lead if you take those two jurisdictions away.

4. My own pet theory - they're not taking this killer alive. When he (she?) goes down, it'll be in a shootout. I'm not crazy about capital punishment, but I don't think I'm the only person that would have no qualms about someone taking this guy down on the spot if he's caught in the act.

Speaking of caught in the act...time to get back to work. :)


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