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Thursday, February 20, 2003

Distribution for Beltway Bandits:

(Note: If you're using the old distribution from the GWACC website, feel free to continue doing so. This one is a lot simpler to manage, and probably, to write in.)

4-5 / 4-5 Film
Should have comedy, drama, romance, action, and sci-fi/fantasy/horror all represented at least once somewhere in the packet. Should include both "good" (i.e. Oscar-type) and "bad" (i.e. "The Hot Chick" and it's ilk, or stuff like "Plan 9 From Outer Space"). Should include both old (<10 years) and new.

4-5 / 4-5 Television
Should mix comedy, drama, action, sci-fi/fantasy and "other." Should have at least one show currently showing first-run episodes, and at least one show >10 years old.

4-5 / 4-5 Music
Again, please be inclusive. Rock(classic and modern), pop, R&B/soul, and rap/hip hop should all be represented. Gettable questions on other genres, including jazz, Latin, gospel, and "world" music are recommended but not required.

4-5 / 4-5 Sports
Emphasis should be on the "Big Four" - pro/college football, pro/college basketball, pro baseball, and pro hockey. All of the above should be represented. There should be at least one question on either golf, tennis, or both. There should be at least one question somewhere on women's sports (team or individual) as well. Go easy on professional wrestling.

1-2 / 1-2 Literature
This includes trash-worthy printed material, either fiction (sci-fi, romance, mystery, children's, etc.) or non-fiction (current events, comedy/humor, celebrity biographies, other stuff). Also includes comic books, magazines, newspapers, and online journalism of any variety (please keep the latter to a minimum, thanks)

1-2 / 1-2 Games/Toys
This includes board games, card games, RPGs, and video/computer games. Mix them up. If you absolutely must write two different questions about video games, at least have them come from different platforms and different eras. Some "kid stuff" goes here, but more of it will be in TV, movies, or lit.

1-2 / 1-2 Food/Products
This includes anything about food, beverages, cooking, consumer products, or companies (restaurant chains, stores, automobiles, etc.)

1 / 1 Weird/Bizarre/Evil
Trashy current events, "true crime," sex/sexuality, general weird knowledge (roadside Americana, urban legends, Internet subculture etc.) To the extent that there is any meta-QB (and that's best avoided), it goes here. Physical challenges, if reasonable and feasible, go here. Use your imagination.

1 / 1 Wild Card
We only ask that you not write a 6th question dealing exclusively with any one of the four major categories. Interdisciplinary stuff (actors who had flops of a singing career, pro athletes crossing over into acting) can go here.

The whole thing should add up to 25/25 when you're done.

A few other notes:
*A specific requirement to write what Edmund calls "floof" has been lifted. This is NOT a license to write a frat boy theme packet. We want some chick flick questions, soap opera questions, female-skewing music questions. The spirit of the requirement remains, but, I'm tired of seeing everyone write the same five "floof" questions.

* The "geek" requirement has been revamped, but we still want to see sci-fi and fantasy TV, movies, literature, and game products get their fair share of question material.

* Three distinct clues per tossup, at a minimum. Keep most tossups it to six lines or less.

* Most boni should be three or four parts. Two part boni should be kept to a minimum. Single-part, single-answer boni are not acceptable. And if you're going to have five or six parts to a bonus, the parts had better be short.

* Answers should be underlined _LIKE THIS_ if at all possible.

* .rtf (Rich Text) or .doc (MS Word) files are preferred.

* Sunday, Feburary 23rd is the no penalty deadline.


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