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Friday, February 14, 2003

So are we going to be going through this sort of stuff every time there's a coaching change in the NFL from now on?

Look. They had someone specific in mind, someone with a well-known track record. When he became available, they canned their incumbent specifically so they could hire him. They called other candidates because they were ordered to, and those candidates refused to interview, because they knew the thing was a charade. What do you want the Lions to do? (And given their recent history with draft picks, I'm not sure what how much difference stripping draft picks from them would make.)

I'm far from a right-winger, but this is really stupid.

And as long as minorities are receiving intentionally substandard health care (even controlling for income level), there are far bigger fish for the civil rights community to fry than this one on behalf of a handful of well-off coaches and a few dozen professional athletes. Oh, yeah, Johnnie Cochran can't make money as easily fighting for that cause.


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