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Thursday, February 20, 2003

So Dangerous, You'll Have To Sign A Waiver

I can't resist the urge to pass this link on.

It's a list of artists' riders found in contracts between the artists and concert promoters. Want to know what J. Lo. demands to have backstage in her dressing room?

Revelations of no significance in particular...
1. People who don't seem ask for that much include Vince Gill, Neil Diamond, and Sting. At the other end of the scale, we have Prince, Sammy Hagar, and...J. Lo. (Shocker, I know.)
2. I guess I should be happy that so many stars demand organic produce, free range meats, etc.
3. The lights in Fred Durst's dressing room MUST BE DIMMABLE!
4. DAVE [Grohl, Foo Fighters] LIKES STINKY CHEESE!
5. Kansas (yes, they're still touring) wants prune juice backstage.
6. Barry Manilow's dressing room is decorated by his fan club.
7. The Black Crowes demand a spread of deli that includes "no processed meats," and yet specifically asks for bologna and salami.
8. Both Prince and Ozzy Osbourne specifically demand a doctor ready to administer injections of vitamin B-12.
9. Mary J. Blige demands to be paid in cash, specifically in $100 bills. What's that all about?
10. No one in the trade wants to be called a "reunion tour" by promoters. References to "original members" are similarly frowned upon across the board.

This is like shooting fish in a barrel.


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