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Sunday, March 23, 2003

City On Fire

I've seen two headlines in the Washington Post that probably gave me a different reaction than they were intended to:

1. From yesterday, "In Rolling Waves, Blasts Demolish Symbols of Power"
It occurred to my pal Justin as well, but, well...if the Islamic fundamentalist movement had an equivalent to the Washington Post, wouldn't an Arabic translation of the above headline worked pretty well for September 12, 2001?

If this sounds unfair to America, well, I'm sure it's occurred to large majorities in the Arab and Muslim worlds. And probably in terms harsher than anything I'd be willing to sign my name to.

2. From today, "Forces Leave Instabilty In Wake"
If I had to encapsulate why I thought this war was a highly dubious proposition in five words, it'd be tough to do much better.

Getting rid of Saddam's military forces is in one sense the easy part, if any of it can truly be called "easy."

It is an article of faith in this country that America will be welcomed as "liberators" of Iraq, based partly on the reasoning "Saddam is bad, the U.S. got rid of Saddam, therefore the U.S. is good." A lot of people are in for a very rude awakening.

I think I've heard the phrase "shock and awe" 8,543,670 times in the last three days. I'm guessing most of you, readers, wouldn't welcome anyone into your house whose actions inspired "shock and awe." What makes people think Iraqis will behave any differently?


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