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Monday, March 10, 2003

A Little Less Conversation

I wanted to blog something profound about politics or pop culture or something tonight, but I'm too tired to make any coherent observations about the world around me.

So instead, I decided to simply fill space by letting my readers know I'm still alive and in good health, even if work strips me of most of my time. The rest seems to be devoted to sleeping, eating, cooking, laundry, and updating Jukebox From Hell.

I spend way too much time thinking about the following:
* Zany ideas for collectible card games. One of them is called "Battle of the Bands." Be very afraid.
* Imagining a movie about a hitman where he is shown performing a series of mundane assasinations in a montage set to a song by Weezer.
* How quickly I pay off my credit card debts if I go on a steady diet of cereal and Ramen for the next month.
* Anything having to do with my fictional nationstate, Borealium.

So maybe my take on nuclear proliferation will show up here tomorrow. Maybe not.

Until then, dear readers, good night.


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