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Monday, April 14, 2003

The Road To Nowhere

Five people packed into a Suzuki whatever that was, for an eight plus hour trip from Worcester, Massachusetts to Washington, DC. I wondered if the engine actually belonged in a lawnmower or perhaps a moped. But it did produce interesting conversations. Unfortunately, because I became increasingly incoherent as the evening wore on, I only remembered two of the more interesting ones…

Tricia: So who did you use your blackballs [Craig’s upcoming “best band of all time” poll] on?
Me : Creed. There was never a doubt in my mind about that one. The difference between Christ and Scott Stapp is that Christ never pretended to be Scott Stapp.
Andrew: Hmm…maybe they should treat Scott Stapp like he really was Jesus. Heh, heh.
Justin: But what if Scott Stapp is actually Christ resurrected, and figured rock music is the best way to send his message to the masses?
Edmund: God owes us an apology.
Tim: You know what I’d like to see? I wouldn’t mind seeing the resurrected Christ come back, hire a decent lawyer, and start filing libel suits. Jesus vs. Falwell and such.

[Listening to Paul McCartney and Wings “Listen To What The Man Said”]
Tim: This sax solo really sucks.
Tricia: This gives us all a bad name.
Tim: I think maybe we should bring him up on charges.
Edmund: Let’s see who this is.
[Edmund gets out his PDA, logs on to and finds out that the offending sax player’s name is Tom Scott. He then proceeds to reads a list of artists’ records that Tom Scott played on. It is a virtual who’s who of 70s schlock – Barry Manilow, The Osmonds, The Carpenters, Dan Fogelburg, Bread - you name it, it’s on there. Nearly every artist who had a Jukebox From Hell entry who was active during the 70s.]
Tricia: He needs to be brought up on crimes against humanity.
Edmund: He played on Steely Dan’s “Aja.”
Tim: Wow. Blind squirrel finds nut.

Oh, yeah, the tournament. Once again, my team fell short. We remain the Boston Red Sox of the trash circuit, at least with regards to the two big events, TRASHionals and Trash Masters. Fourth place isn’t bad, all things considered – we lost to the three teams who finished ahead of us, and beat everyone we played who finished behind us.

The worst thing about missing the finals by five points is that you second-guess everything that happens in that one game, especially if you did it yourself. Always picking the wrong answer when you can get the possible answers down to two. Using a “lame” on something you were sure of getting at least some points on, only to goose egg the last two bonuses of the round (something that did not happen at any other time in the tournament).

I feel like I’m getting a little old for even this type of quiz bowl, both in terms of playing ability (I felt like my reaction time was a tad slower this year, and there’s more material I know next to nothing about now) and just generally feeling old at these things.


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