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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Down On The Corner

It's not every day that the very street corner you live on is the subject of an editorial in one of the world's most prominent newspapers.

There are a few things in there I knew, but it's easy to miss the big picture when you live day to day in the middle of it all.

The corner honestly feels safer to me than that article would depict, and the article itself dealt primarily with things that happened far away from the corner - only one of the four murders was in the area, and one of them was out in Rockville. That one killing on the list that did happen here was almost two years ago.

And this is despite the open air drug market in the area, although that activity seems to have dissipated in recent months. I suppose some of this may be because I'm a long-time resident who has had few dealings of any kind, good or bad, with them.

This may sound cynical, but I'm somewhat surprised that the city would tolerate this much gang-related drug activity in a neighborhood so booming with expensive real estate, so packed after dark, with suburbanites who visit the neighborhood's many restaurants, bars and nightclubs, and, well, on the "good" side of 16th Street.

I wonder if Colbert King tipped the cops off to the content of the editorial, which would explain why there was a gigantic police van-type vehicle parked at 17th & Euclid Wednesday and Thursday evening.

I just feel extreme pity for children who grow up in this environment. In some instances, it's almost as if they don't really have much of a chance. The D.C. government is clearly not doing its job in this case, and isn't doing right by its citizens.

Update:It turns out that noted bloggerAndrew Sullivan happens tolive at the same street corner in Washington, DC as the Answer Guy. I never knew that before. I'm not sure what I would say to him if I ran into him, since if I have I wasn't aware of it. For obvious reasons, I'm not much of a fan of his. How a gay man could actually work in the employ of the far-right Washington Times, owned by the virulently anti-gay Unification Church of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, is beyond my comprehension.

I will give Sully a few props for this admission - maybe Bush's blatant attempt to politicize the military via last weeks' speech may not have been especially tasteful. He later complained that loyal Republicans were flooding his mail with angry invective. Considering the atmosphere that he and other conservatives have been trying to push on the nation - namely, that anyone who voiced any skepticism about the wisdom or motivations of administration policies, was unpatriotic, a Saddam and/or al-Qaida sympathizer, or , worst of all, French - I find it hard to let poor Andy off the hook so easily.

These are not nice people you've hopped into bed with, neighbor.


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