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Sunday, May 25, 2003

Jukebox From Hell II: Back Into Hell

Plans are underfoot for a newer, bigger, better, badder version of Jukebox From Hell, in which the search for the mythical Worst Song Ever will continue once more.

Since the whole process seemed to wear everyone - including me - down - I'm going to conduct Jukebox From Hell II in three different phases...

Phase I: We will attempt to add 256 songs to the total of 64 automatic qualifiers (last year's final 64) to produce a field of 320 total songs. Submissions can come from anywhere. The field of 320 will then be divided into 64 groups of 5 songs each. Most of those groups will consist of five songs in roughly the same genre of music, though, in order that the representation of the pool is not frozen at last year's results, there will be some genre mixing in some of the pools.

Phase II: In the fall - September and October - we will begin our elimination process. Voters will be asked to name the two worthiest candidates for Jukebox From Hell in each pool of five. From each group, two songs will move on, which will leave us with a field of 128.

Phase III: In the spring - March and April - we will have the final 128-song tournament, conducted by single elimination. The seedings will be based in part on both last year's performance, if applicable, and performance in the first phase. There will be some genre matching in the first round, but not to the degree there was last year.

Starting, well, now, I'll be taking a series of submissions from the Jukebox From Hell website.


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