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Thursday, June 12, 2003

Before The Deluge

I made it into the house literally seconds before the skies opened over Northwest DC. I thought about running around in the rain until a booming thunderclap indicating that lightning had struck a little close to home sounded.

We're now settling into the familiar Washington summer pattern of oppressive daytime humidity giving way to torrents of rain in the late afternoon as the temperature drops.

For a while it looked like summer was never going to come at all, as the temperatures stayed in the 60s if not the 50s, the skies stayed overcast all day, and for all the sun I saw it might as well have been February.

From the Ellington bridge I looked down at Rock Creek, which looks vital for once, like a mighty flowing river that could have carved the ravine in which it sits, rather than the lazy brook I'm used to.

It reminds you that in geologic time, there's precious little difference between us and a mayfly.

Now let's say if that little homage to nature will get all of those banner ads I don't endorse off of there.


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