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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Don't Know Much

Random observations from bar trivia -

Weird quote: "The funniest word in this entire paper is 'monkeypox.' " - Rick G., on trying to select a topical team name for Monday night bar trivia at Fado.

Second place on Monday night, done in by those "what number am I thinking of?" types of questions that are a staple of any bar trivia, and the bane of any quizbowl match. And the "picture round," which threw us for a loop for the second straight week. (I always dreaded visual boni.)

I'm getting better at NTN - I can handle two boards at once much better now. Though I'm not quite the NTN team captain that our incumbent is, but I'm working on it. We took second in the nation at Showdown, despite a shorthanded crew, and one of my identities had the top score of all players. Woohoo!


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