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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

One More Thing

If it's not obvious, I don't necessarily endorse the links that appear on the banner ads.

I'm not about to endorse a book on "Why The Left Hates America," because it's my belief that most of the people the author would call "The Left" don't in fact hate America.

I also don't endorse Randy What's-His-Name for Congress from the 19th Congressional District of Texas. With apologizes to at least one person who reads this site, I am in general very glad that I do not live in the 19th District of Texas. I looked at his website, and, yeah, typical arch-right Texas Republican. The race is to replace Larry Combest (R-TX) who for some reason is retiring. I'd feel more guilt about having a Republican candidate's name above my website if it weren't for the fact that the 19th - based around Midland, Odessa, and Lubbock - is pretty much hopeless for Democrats or even anything other than the most reactionary elements of the Republican Party.

I would also like to announce that I do not recommend Crosswalk-Christian News, which bills itself as "Conservative news and commentary from a Christian worldview," although I suppose that's obvious too.


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