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Sunday, June 29, 2003

This Was The Week That Was

Bar Trivia Update -
Took third at Fado – looks like we’re turning into the Boston Red Sox of Monday night bar trivia. This time we were done in by one of the theme rounds being all sports (the competition is fierce enough that I probably shouldn’t be the universal sports point man on the team, just like at trash tournaments) and the final round being full of strange stuff we just didn’t happen to know. The picture round was nasty as usual, but it didn’t kill us this time.

Team Grand Slam took Showdown Tuesday night on NTN in a tune up for July’s Ultimate Trivia Challenge. Making up for dropping a few questions in the Countdown round, we ran the table on the Pyramid and Lightning rounds and Guy and Rick nailed the Final Question on Gustave Corbet.

The team I played on at J.J. Muldoon’s in Gaithersburg (Shady Grove Road) got DQ’d for having too many people. Which is a shame, since I was looking forward to taking my share of the bonus money; we were lapping the field Friday night. Although only half of us really contributed much or were even paying attention, the eleventh person walked in and accidentally struck up a conversation with a player. Or something like that. I didn’t see anything. I don’t think I’ll be going back there, mostly because I expect to be working again soon and Shady Grove is a long way for someone with no car. If I lived closer to there, I think I’d get my own team together and we could cause some serious damage. The competition at Fado is much tougher in terms of questions and in terms of competition.

Miscellaneous –
Finally, summer is here. It’s about time, after all the rain we’ve been having. Now how long can I avoid complaining about the hazy, hot, and humid days ahead? We’ll just have to find out…


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