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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Dead In The Water

Another late night at work.

I'm left to ponder the idea of my government running a dead pool.

Of course the plan's been scuttled.

I'm now picturing influential government officials (or simply insiders with information) plotting a coup in some insginificant country so they can make a killing. Literally. It's the stuff of a strange quasi-futuristic novel.

Or that Dirty Harry movie about a serial killer trying to win a dead pool.

While I can almost see the logic behind the idea, I think the signal/noise ratio would be too low for it be useful. Terrorists would likely do everything they would to confound the market with false alarms - in case you haven't noticed, these guys aren't dumb.

That, and the idea of the government doing doing this in the first place makes my stomach turn.

As for dead pools, I think I'll stick to one designed for television shows.


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