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Thursday, August 14, 2003

Life, Or Something Like It

More strange scenes from the Nation's Capital...

As I was walking to Au Bon Pain for lunch, I saw, from about 60 feet away, a young man dart out of the Gap on Connecticut Avenue into oncoming traffic with approximately eight pairs of pants. He almost got hit - twice. I can only assume that he was pulling off a daring shoplifting move, but it's odd he would do it when there were dozens of witness to the scene.

The heat officially became oppressive today. Or maybe it's just that I spent 30 minutes in a packed bus without the benefit of air conditioning as it slowly winded its way uptown, through the traffic snarls, the red lights of Connecitcut Avenue, and the four-way stop signs on Columbia Road.

A visiting tourist from New York dropped her cell phone on Columbia Road yesterday, and I was the first person to notice, or at least the first person to decide to do something about it. I called her home number, which was on file in the phone. She sadly went back to New York, but her parents were still in town, so I left the phone at their hotel. I hope the rest of their stay was more pleasant, and I hope I contributed to that just a little bit.


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