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Monday, August 25, 2003

A Quick One (While He's Away)

DSL is still down, so for now, dear readers, I'll just throw a few random things out there...

* Over the last weekend, I had a good deal of fun and didn't spend much time here at my computer. I saw the Washington, DC City Museum for the first time, caught a portion of the 40th Anniversary Celebration of the Civil Rights March on Washington, and got two massive blisters on my feet. Hooray for fresh air!

* Labor Day weekend is coming. Which is too bad, since I sort of liked the fact that Washington was a little less crowded in August.

* The California recall gubernatorial election. (I don't even need a punchline here.)

* The all-important (ha!) Answer Guy endorsement for President will be forthcoming soon.

* The Red Sox went 8-6 over the last two weeks against Oakland and Seattle. Seattle's slumping, and Oakland just lost one of their best pitchers for the season. Though this team frustrates me sometimes, it does seem that they come through every time the season seems to be on the line. Not that they can let up yet - two weekend series with the Yankees are coming up.


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