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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Any Way The Wind Blows

They say that Hurricane Isabel will be here to dump even more rain on a rain-weary Washington area. However, the track of the storm has weakened slightly and that its course has changed so that it appears to be passing to the west, rather than to the east, of Washington.

That's good news for DC, and for hopes that the damage in large urban areas will be lessened. It's bad news for the hollows of West Virginia, the Shenandoah Valley, and western Pennsylvania, who may be more vulnerable to flash flooding.

I suppose we're lucky in that Washington has so little in the way of weather, generally, this year notwithstanding, with the snowstorms and the numerous powerful thunderstorms. But it seems that weather phenomena elsewhere tend to be more extreme, whether it's the more frequent hurricanes of the Carolinas or Florida, the tornadoes of Texas, the bitter frosts of Minnesota, the blizzards of New England...and then there's California, in a category by itself.

Sure, most of the time it's pleasant there. But... Earthquake! Wildfire! Mudslide! It's as if the state's flair for the dramatic extends to its natural phenomena.

And its political landscape as well.

The good news about the postponement of the California recall election is that issues will have more time to surface, voting systems will be made more uniform, voters will have more time to deliberate about whether they really want things turned upside down... the bad news is that the rest of us have to hear about this damn election for another five months. Ugh.


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