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Monday, September 15, 2003

Be The Ball

Four good friends of mind and I went on a miniature golf expedition Saturday night, after our efforts to be athletic earlier in the day fell casualty to bad weather and were replaced by a board game session capped off with the great game Illuminati.

Nothing like a board game in which Feminists are controlled by Professional Sports, or when The Mafia controls The FBI. I haven’t decided whether it’s funnier if the connections make negative sense or if the game can be seen in some way to imitate life, at least in the mind of conspiracy theorists.

This course, located next to a driving range near White Flint Mall, was an “adult” type course, with no whimsical obstacles (no windmills, or giant clowns, or barns) to negotiate. The hazards took the forms of rocky bunkers, tricky sloping greens, and sadistic water hazards from which it was difficult to extricate one’s ball.

The funnest part was the running three-way commentary, done in horrific British accents. Perhaps if Josh, Dave, and myself were allowed to do commentary for golf on television, it might be more watchable. Or heck, maybe ESPN2 will let us help them to televise a miniature golf tournament.

I did happen to win this particular round on the miniature links, and I’ve noticed that
as much as it can be painful to play difficult miniature golf courses, I seem to fare best (in relation to my competition) on tough courses. Though there are many players who can make better long putts, and sink more aces than I ever could, I have some degree of skill at staving off disastrous holes.

Maybe this says something about my future in life. Or maybe it doesn’t.


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