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Sunday, September 07, 2003

Fearless NFL predictions for the upcoming season…

AFC East
1. Miami
2. Buffalo*
3. New England
4. N.Y. Jets

AFC North
1. Pittsburgh
2. Baltimore
3. Cleveland
4. Cincinnati

AFC South
1. Tennessee
2. Indianapolis
3. Jacksonville
4. Houston

AFC West
1. Kansas City
2. Oakland*
3. Denver
4. San Diego

NFC East
1. Philadelphia
2. N.Y. Giants*
3. Washington
4. Dallas

NFC North
1. Green Bay
2. Minnesota
3. Chicago
4. Detroit

NFC South
1. Tampa Bay
2. New Orleans
3. Atlanta
4. Carolina

NFC West
1. St. Louis
2. Seattle*
3. San Francisco
4. Arizona

* = Wild Card Team

For Super Bowl XVIII, I have a rematch of Super Bowl XXXIV, Rams vs. Titans, except with the results reversed this time. (Which I guess means, dear readers, not to pick the Titans in your prediction .)

Why Tennessee? I think they’re getting home field throughout, because they’re in an easy division, and it’s going to be tough for anyone else to win there.

Why St. Louis? They’re still the greatest show on turf, their defense is better, and their schedule is soft.

I know that, technically speaking, these are in late, but, it's just one game, and Britney Spears notwithstanding, it will prove to be of minimal import when people look back on this season.


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