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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I've been neglecting my poor blog lately. Work and a busy life have interfered with my ability to write much.

Today, on my way to pick up lunch, I watched what seemed like a scene from the class struggle of sorts - a man with a goofy-looking mustache and a southern drawl was standing on a street, staking a claim for a parking space for his friend's large pickup, then double parked across the street.

[Note: If it matters, this is a pure commerical area - no residences for two blocks in any direction.]

Except that a yuppie in a BMW immedately pulled up, trying to claim the parking space for himself. A shouting match erupted.

Things were settled reasonably amicably when the BMW driver promised not to occupy the spot for more than three minutes - which is about the time it would take for the pickup driver to circle the block.

Except that I came out of the takeout place five minutes later, only to find that the man was still standing there - with no pickup in sight.

Just another reason not to have a car in this city. Or maybe just to stay out of the city altogether, if your tastes run that way.

But the whole incident got me to thinking - how long could that guy have stood there occupying a parking space? Forever? I can't picture a driver being able to do anything about it, unless he was willing to hit the guy with his car, which would land him in jail. I wonder if a cop would ticket him for standing there the way I would do if I were running the universe.

Every so often life here imitates an episode of Seinfeld.


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