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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Lately, it seems that any time I have a blog-worthy thought, it evaporates in the time it takes to reach a computer terminal.

Red Sox are two wins (or some combo of wins and Mariner losses that add up to two) from clinching a playoff berth. My hope is that it happens tonight or tomorrow night, which would allow the Sox to rest Pedro Martinez, not to mention some of the regulars (Ramirez, Garciaparra, Mueller) who haven't had much rest. In the back of all our minds, we wonder if last night's 6-5 win, on the wings of two dramatic home runs, isn't a set up for the payoff in the form of yet another disappointment.

The other three AL teams are set, with the Evil Empire, the Contraction Kids, and the Moneyball A's.

In other news, the Cubs are on target for the playoffs. Maybe we are headed for the End Times. For as it says in Revelations, "When the small bears from the windy place take the flag, the end is nigh."


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