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Friday, September 26, 2003

One Last Look

Singer and songwriter Robert Palmer is dead of a heart attack at 54.

It was definitely a pleasure to hear "Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley" on the radio this morning. I recommend that someone looking for buried musical treasure pore over his early catalog, where he wrapped his blue-eyed soul voice around Southern- and Caribbean-inspired grooves by some outstanding musicians, including members of The Meters and Little Feat.

What he did later on - smooth, polished pop perhaps most famous for the accompanyng stylish videos - is of course better known, and proved more lucrative. But he was much more than, as AllMusic puts it, "an impeccably dressed lounge lizard."

Rest in peace.

(You may be thinking "Why didn't I do this for Johnny Cash last week?" Well, there was the little matter of Hurricane Isabel. Plus, Johnny Cash is so clearly a legendary figure in music history that a tribute to The Man In Black almost felt unnecessary. And so many of my friends had already beaten me to the punch on Cash, and Warren Zevon as well.)


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