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Sunday, September 14, 2003

Wow, 38-10, over the defending almost-NFC Champs. In their backyard.

And to think that much of the first half, I couldn't get myself to watch. 38-10, Patriots, in a game in Philadelphia, which is a tough place to win on the road, having seen lots of NFC East teams flail about in this town during my time in Washington.

My brother's theory (he's a Doplhins fan) is that Ray Lucas kidnapped Donovan McNabb, stole his uniform, and played today in his stead.

The defense looked especially good, generally containing the rushing attack, blitzing to reduce the effect of McNabb's scrambling abilities, and generally not giving the Eagles' plays time to develop. They forced five turnovers and the game reminded me a little of the second half of the Pats' Super Bowl winning season.

This was just one of the many games in Week 2 that seems to up the "random" factor in football. Lots of teams and players that looked just awful last week appeared to be world beaters today, and vice versa.

Not so good news on the baseball front, as the Sox dropped two of three to the other Sox, a possible playoff team. They cling to a half game lead in the Wild Card race, as the AL East title seems beyond their reach as Tampa and Detroit offered about the expected level of resistance to the Yankees. In theory, the going should get easier as the remaining opponents (Tampa Bay, Baltimore, and Cleveland) are pretty much the three worst non-Tiger teams in the league.

Perhaps Anaheim and Texas could be a bit more helpful than they have been thusfar in keeping Seattle and Oakland down until they start to face each other again, in the six of the final nine games of the season.


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