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Friday, September 12, 2003

Yesterday's entry was something of a downer, I must admit. I actually have been faring well as of late, taking full advantage of life in Washington, which offers amenities few other cities can touch.

On Monday, I attended a Howard Dean rally in College Park. I'm still not quite ready to commit to him yet, but the energy he inspires gives me hope.

Tuesday was, as usual, NTN Showdown night at the Grand Slam. Maybe next week we won't get stuck with a repeat game.

On Wednesday, I shuttled up to Baltimore to witness Pedro Martinez pitch a gem of a game for the Red Sox, 8 innings, 3 hits, in the final Sox visit to Baltimore this season. The weather was perfect and my seat was comfortable and provided a fantastic view of home plate action.

That evening, a friend of mine and I went to dinner at Saigonnais, a wonderful Vietnamese restaurant on 18th Street in Adams-Morgan, highly recommended.


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