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Friday, October 10, 2003

16th Street was turned into a shooting gallery yesterday afternoon as a barrage of gunshots - over a dozen of them - rang out. At the end of it all, a Metrobus driver was injured and a 20-year old man was killed. The Washington Post has the story here. Police are blaming the increasing presence of Latin gangs in the neighborhood.

Not sure what to say about this, other than it disturbs me that these gang members now feel sufficiently confident to just start shooting in plain view right beside a busy intersection of four major thoroughfares in the middle of the day, where bystanders and witnesses abound.

I wonder if this latest outbreak of gang warfare (recall that there was a shooting, also in broad daylight, in an alley behind the Columbia Road Safeway a few weeks back) will do anything to stem the tide of escalating rents in the area. Probably not.


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