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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Florida 9, Chicago 6
Sunshine State 4, Land of Lincoln 3

I send love and condolences to all the Cubs faithful who have had their heart broken yet again. Red Sox Nation feels your pain.

I have to tell you, dear readers, that tomorrow may be the last daily playoff update I'm going to provide. A Yankees-Marlins World Series would hold so little interest for me that I'd likely skip it entirely. One team I won't be able to stand to watch anymore against a team to about which I have no opinions, with two largely undeserving (one for being spoiled, the other for being indifferent) fan bases and ownership (one for being, well, George Steinbrenner, the other for epitomizing everything wrong about poor-mouthing, cheap-skate baseball barons.)

I will spend a little psychic energy pulling for the Marlins in that event, and maybe a win by a team in a market that baseball really needs to exploit would be good for the game.

A Sox-Marlins World Series, like any involving my boys, would of course be chronicled extensively on here. We'll see....


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