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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

The headline for this article : Hot French Fries Smashed In Face - was simply too funny- and too sad - to resist.

Or it's just that I wanted to write about something, anything really, that wasn't baseball.

The person I feel sorriest for is not even the 4 year old child who was the victim here. It's the infant child of Ms. Hayes; not only is he/she being born to a teenage mother, he/she has this woman for a mother.

While it's easy to understand why someone would be upset at a careless child, it would never have occurred to most of us to smear greasy, scalding-hot French fries at someone who angered us.

In this country, we have marriage licenses. What we really need are breeding licenses. It's unfortunate that Mother Nature doesn't really work that way.


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