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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

There is, perhaps, a parallel universe where I'm still writing about baseball, and not about Iraq, Barbara Bush, or anything that relates to Roy Orbison or clingfilm.

But no, instead, we read these letters to Sports Guy. Or we grieve in haiku form. I'm sure Victoria would approve.

Instead, I had to be exposed to the fact that Ivan Rodriguez's favorite singer is Yanni. I didn't know that anyone, much less a Major League Baseball player, would ever admit to something like that.

Anyhow, shortly after World Series TV coverage gave us a shot of Yanni in the stands cheering on one of his fans, Pudge reached on an error committed by none other than Bucky Dent II: Electric Boogaloo.

The act of titling a sequel to anything "Electric Boogaloo" is enough to send many of my circle of friends into instant laughter.

This sequence of events prompted chants of "Yanni! Yanni! Yanni!" at Grand Slam last night. It's hard for me to imagine what else could possibly have inspired me to chant his name before last night.

I know I said I wouldn't watch. I was playing NTN in a bar that was full of the no-good, low-down, spoiled rotten fans of the New York Yankees. And then there was the house NTN team, chock full of baseball fans, nearly all of whom were for varying reasons Yankee haters. It was on in front me, and I couldn't not watch.


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