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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Total Recall (Part One)

All the jokes are just too obvious. Just dropping the mere name of some of the film catalog of the Governor-elect are enough to induce laughter. The fact that there were two future governors in the cast of "Predator" is too funny for words.

Part of me wanted, against the overwhelming mound of evidence, to believe that the voting public, when actually confronted the idea of the Terminator as governor (as opposed to merely the idea of the idea of it) would say "No, we were just joking. Wasn't that fun?"

Could you possibly imagine a less qualified person to run a state of over 30 million, with one of the world's largest economies?

While I'm not really going to lament the end of the political career of Gray Davis and the electoral failure of Cruz Bustamante per se, there's a lot of "shoot the messenger" going on here.

California was looted by energy "trading" bandits manipulating a deregulation scheme cooked up by the old Wilson Administration (the people who are now, by the way, really in charge again) while Bush and his cronies sat on their hands. And the whole situation has been exacerbated by a half-century's worth of voting for a series of referenda that have made it clear that California voters want everything, and want to pay nothing for any of it. They don't want illegal immigrants using state services, but they wouldn't dare do without the cheap labor that said immigrants bring. They want an education system second to none, but want someone else to foot the bill.

And now apparently they think they're a pretty damsel in distress in some bad, big budget action movie, and here comes the Last Action Hero to save them. But instead of wasting only $9 and two hours on another flashy, vapid product, California has wasted millions of dollars and who knows how many months on this latest blockbuster.

At least Ward Connerly's "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil" Proposition 54 "Racial Privacy Initiative" didn't win.


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