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Saturday, October 18, 2003

Your Alarm Bells Should Be Ringing

I was hoping for another week's furlough from the real world through baseball, but with a Yankee/Marlin World Series I have zero interest in watching, I'm back in the real world.

The heck with Grady Little - why hasn't this man been fired yet?

Remember when everyone thought that Ann Coulter was just being hysterical when she suggested we "invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity?"

Are we trying to give the entire Islamic world the idea that this is in fact the new Crusades, in which the the Christian nations of the West have come to conquer the lands of the infidel? Are we trying to give the would-be bin Ladens of the world encouragment? If we are, all signs suggest that it's working nicely.

Though it cannot be said that most administration supporters are looking forward to such an apocalypse in our lifetimes, the presence of people like Gen. Boykin must serve a warning sign. And so does this. This too.

As America wakes to the hangover of a long occupation of a foreign land from the patriotic revelry of the invasion on the night before, there are a lot of hard questions, and no easy solutions.

Cold turkey withdrawl is no answer. However, neither is handing the same irresponsible cabal a blank check to throw money to its friends as our nation back home is reeling.

These are dangerous people in charge, and it becoming more obvious every day. I fear for the future of the country, and of the world, if they are not ousted from power soon.


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