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Saturday, November 15, 2003

OK...I have to admit that the first thing that grabbed my attention about this story is that the head of the World Anti-Doping Agency goes by the name Dick Pound.

Immediately I am transported to a world of bad cyber-erotica...

Where was I?

Oh, yeah... baseball is not track and field, as Toronto G.M and Worcester boy (shout out!) J.P. Ricciardi wisely points out. It's not pure running, jumping, or lifting. There's only so much performance-enhancing drugs can do for you. If you can't hit, no steroid is going to make you hit. If you're a lousy fielder, andro isn't going to improve your glove work.

That said, the steroid use problem is obviously a major one facing baseball, and it's been noticeably more lax in such matters than other major American team sports, or at least the NFL. I'm sort of relieved that the percentage of players testing positive was low, although that might just be people adept at avoiding testing positive.


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