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Thursday, November 13, 2003

Well, my long-neglected blog resurfaces again, mostly because I'm slightly bored at work, with net access.

My next big-time blog project is restarting Jukebox From Hell sometime soon. It's long overdue, and we could all use some distraction.

The Patriots are trying hard to make Red Sox Nation forget about what transpired in the ALCS. It's not quite working, but it's nice all the same.

My Allison LaPlaca Open ballot is trailing the pack, since the only show I have correctly is "The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire." I even missed "Skin," though in all fairness I had to make my selection before I was deluged with commercials for it during the baseball playoffs.

Talk about a trio of annoying commericials...
"His the district attorney!"
"He's not a criminal mastermind...he's just a kid with nowhere to go!"
"And for ze best part..he's riii-ich!"

One down, two to go.


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