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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

The Children's Hour

Remember when the Republicans said in the aftermath of the election debacle of 2000, that after eight years of Clinton, that the adults were in charge?

Nyah nyah, France. Nyah, nyah, Germany. Nyah, nyah, Russia. Nyah nyah, Canada. You can't rebuild Iraq. Nyah, nyah.

Calpundit has it right here, and beat me to the punch. How many of these contracts were going to go to French, Germans, or Russians anyway, even without this order? Was there any reason for Paul Wolfowitz to trumpet this declaration? Other than yet another middle finger aimed squarely at the rest of the world?

Everything about this war Iraq was designed for instant gratification, like an impulse buy at a toy store. This shiny new war will cost next to nothing. It will make us safer from terrorism. It will make the Middle East grateful to us. It will slice. It will dice. It will julienne (whatever that is.)

Unfortunately, there's no money back guarantee, and the warranty is expiring as we speak.

The adults are in charge. Yeah, right.


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