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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

I finally found a use for that el cheapo bottle of vodka in my liquor cabinet - and it's not as the active ingedient in my fifth strong screwdriver of the night, at which time I'd be hard pressed to distinguish it from Stoli. (The brand is Zelko, not the infamous Bowman's Virginia Vodka, and it emanates from Baltimore rather than Virginia, but it's got a plastic bottle all the same.)

My dry erase board is now clean.

In other food and drink news, I've now finished all my leftover food from last week's Thanksgiving feast, with the exception of one piece of Tricia's excellent apple strudel, which she had left over from her family Thanksgiving feast. Yum!

And the idiot catering at work had to bring in a sandwich spread Monday morning that consisted primary of - you guessed it - turkey sandwiches. As if it's been so long since any of us ate turkey.


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