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Friday, January 16, 2004

Hung Loose

I just had to pass this story along, mostly because when you see the headline "Canada Cool With Happy Penis Song," you have to giggle, and then find out what on earth they're talking about.

I can't picture this tune passing muster on radio stations in the States, but Calgary is one of Canada's more conservative towns, and when it comes down to it, that song is probably no worse than a song like this one.

I wonder if Canada has as many commercials for items such as Enzyte, Longtitude, and the like. Or that Dodge Durango ad that has the guys at the urinals talking about how much fun it is to wax their Durango, of which the new model is seven inches longer, and apparently more powerful. You know, the sort of commercials that make the act of parodying commercials kind of pointless.

In a related story, apparently there are guys who buy that stuff. I wish they would stop so the companies didn't decide it worth it to dump nine messages an hour about how to get a bigger piece of, um, "equipment." Of course, I get plenty of spam about increasing the size of my nonexistent breasts, a mortgage on my nonexistent house, help for my nonexistent septic tank, not to mention invitations to what purport to be the worst kinds of pornographic wesbites.

How funny is it that relatively sensible article has an ad for - you guessed it - penis enlargement pills?


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