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Friday, January 23, 2004

Pet Theory #1

Another anniversary for Roe v. Wade has come and gone, which brought out the expected protests.

Though I myself am pro-choice (mostly because this issue is one in which I don't want the government entangled), I feel a certain sympathy for at least some of the pro-life demostrators. They have a cause, and it's on behalf of what they believe are human lives that can't speak for themselves. (Comapre with most right-of-center casues, which I find to be mostly based at some level in selfishness.)

And I have something of a feeling that they're being used in a cynical fashion by the slash-and-burn crowd now running the government.

I'm pretty sure they understand that overturning Roe would really hurt the Republican Party. They'd prefer to keep it the way it is, so their base can absorb the anti-abortion rhetoric and vote for them, but that the other side doesn't turn out in huge numbers.
I don't think conservative strategists have a lot of interest in abortion.

OK, it sounds a bit nutty, but it's my pet theory.


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