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Friday, January 09, 2004

So, I finally broke down and saw "Kill Bill."

I wanted to like it, in part because the easily offended out there found it repugnant. I'm not easily bothered by displays of blood and gore, and that wasn't my problem with the movie.

It was very well-filmed - great action cuts, evocative lighting. The animated sequences were especially well-done.

But the movie played like a 5:15 rock song with 3:42 or so worth of self-parodying guitar solo, a forgettable chorus, and some of the most inane lyrics you've ever heard.

The snappy dialogue I've come to expect from a Tarantino film was largely absent. It had his trademark sense of style - in spades - but lacked the substance behind the style.

Oh, well, it was fun to watch, and it will make for a fun guys' night gathered around the TV when there's no suitable sporting event to watch.


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