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Thursday, January 22, 2004

State of the Union, Part 3

More random thoughts:

Steroids? Steroids?

* To some extent, I blame Bill Clinton (and Dick Morris) for this sort of thing. After the Republicans took control of Congress following the 1994 elections, Clinton's people (starting with Morris) starting inserting seemingly random low-level, at-least-designed-to-be-uncontroversial policy initiatives into his State of the Union addresses. (The one that comes to mind now is the push for school uniforms he made.) Bush has followed this pattern, inserting random statements about sex tourism in Southeast Asia into last year's speech.

* While I don't expect someone of limited intellectual gifts like the current occupant of the White House (or, to be fair, someone who has to answer to a largely clueless public) to understand how silly the War on (Some) Drugs is, I was hoping that even conservatives were starting to figure it out, and that, if it's maybe too much to ask for our policies to start reflecting that reality, at least we could do something other than go in reverse.

* Oh, yeah, and the Marriage Promotion thing? A lot of that money is going to Reverend Moon and his crazy doomsday cult.

The overall impression from all sides seems to be that this speech was by and large aimed at the arch-conservative base. It had enough red meat for Ted Nugent on the Atkins diet, and that there wasn't much in there at all for fence-sitters.


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