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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Super Bowl Shuffle

I have this uneasy feeling about Super Bowl Sunday. I think it comes from being a lifelong Red Sox fan.

The Patriots have never been in the position of favorite before. They've been the heavy underdogs - and deservedly so - in the other three championship contests, and this is a totally new thing for Boston fans, at least since the Bird-era Celtics of the 1980s.

You just know the rest of the country is pulling for the upstart Carolina Panthers. Not that I entirely blame them. But a Super Bowl after nine years of existence feels a bit too much (from here) like getting to have the baby without the labor pains (see Marlins, Florida or Diamondbacks, Arizona) and, as an aficionado of old-line, Snow Belt cities, I'll generally pull for a team from such a city (except New York, of course) against any team from a Charlotte, an Atlanta, or a Dallas.

Still...given the way both these teams generally play their games, 7 seems like too high a point spread.


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