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Sunday, January 04, 2004


The day I've been dreading for years now has finally come.

The Answer Guy has turned 30.

In practice, this doesn't really mean much of anything. The difference between 29 and 30 isn't all that big a deal. Adding another year to the pile makes less difference the further along you go.

I have begun to notice that I'm beyond the target audience for a lot of advertising and marketing now. The radio stations of my high school and college days - and in particular their analogs in the Washington area - no longer interest me. More than ever I've gotten the sense that instead of television commericals trying to appeal to my sensibilities and not entirely succeeding, I'm seeing more commercials clearly aimed at someone else. But of course that didn't magically happen to me when the clock struck midnight - I've been noticing these trends for three years or so.

I guess there is one positive: I could run for the Senate as well as the House now, if I wanted to. Well, I can't actually do that either, living in the District of Columbia.


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