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Friday, February 06, 2004

The Devil & Kurt Warner

So, apparently, there's a big to-do in St. Louis about Kurt Warner insinuating that he was benched due to his religious beliefs during a church service. Mike Martz got offended, Marc Bulger got offended, and the media had a field day.

The truth, of course, is Warner has recently alternated between injury and ineptitude. Warner is probably fully aware of these facts, and said something out of context that got blown out of proportion.

But I wasn't even thinking about that.

The whole time I'm reading this, I'm thinking to myself...
Kurt Warner came out of nowhere and was an incredibly good quarterback - as good as any in the NFL - for two seasons and change. Then, the magic was gone and suddendly he was one of the worst quaterbacks in the NFL, even on a team with the kind of offensive talent that could make almost any signal caller look good. Now, he's apparently found religion, and in a loud fashion. Is this to make up for a deal he signed with the Devil that's now expired?

I wonder if this makes me a bad person.


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