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Monday, February 16, 2004

The Empire Strikes Back

As a card-carrying member of Red Sox Nation, you knew this post was coming, didn't you?

OK, back when I was an geeky undergrad, I used to play "Magic: The Gathering." It got boring when there were certain people who always had the extra dough to buy thousands of Magic cards, or plop down the dough for those extra-special rare cards - so that there I was with my deck of mere mortal cards (with the occassional sem-cool card or combo, like, say, Nettling Imp-Royal Assassin or The Rack-Hypnotic Spectre or something) and these guys had these Legends, and all these multi-lands, and a Beta Black Lotus, and these incredibly powerful cards I'd hardly ever heard of... and I would of course get my ass kicked.

The news that Alex Rodriguez will be wearing pinstripes next season reminds me a bit of those days in Hanover when I gradually decided that M:TG was a waste of time.

Of course, my own favorite team, depending on your metric, ranks somewhere between second and fifth in shelling out salary money, and tried pulling off a similar move, but it was essentially scuttled because the Red Sox couldn't afford what turned out to be necessary to make the move. And of course the games are played on the field, not in paper.

It'd be even worse if I were a fan from, say, Pittsburgh or Milwaukee or Detroit or Kansas City. One wonders how long MLB expects them to stick around.

Great line from an IM conversation with Craig: If MLB were a half-decent video game, the system wouldn't allow this trade. One poster on Baseball Primer said that while most MLB teams were like the guys that played in 20-team leagues discussing the relative merits of Damian Miller and Dan Wilson as starting catchers, and the Yankees are the kid that comes in from an 6-team league where he's wondering whether he should start Tejada or Nomar at shortstop.

The good news: Sports Illustrated will almost certainly pick the Yankees to win the World Series this year, which, if recent history is any indicator, is a guarantee that it won't happen.

Meanwhile, my bedroom back in Worcester still has a bunch of M:TG cards. I wonder if they're still worth something.


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