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Friday, February 13, 2004

Pure Drivel

Apparently today has been designated as a Day of Purity by pro-abstience organizations.

It's my usual role, I suppose, to make fun of these people, though I must concede that insofar as they are simply passing out literature that suggests that teenage sex isn't necessarily a good idea, they're not really doing harm.

However, as the average age of marriage approaches 30 in some parts of the country, asking humans to abstain from sexual activity until they are almost 30 is sort of like telling a river to stop flowing. Either way, have fun, but you've got fundamental laws of nature against you. Teenage girls and boys have been having sex since the dawn of time - it's only in the last century in the developed world that that's been considered anything other than 100% healthy. At least for teenage girls. There's some biological basis for double standards I suppose, but you just know that your average middle-class suburban father wants his daughter to stay away from boys but worries that if his son's not getting any that it's a sign he's gay.

And of course these types of organizations tend to have a bigger agenda - anti-gay, anti-contraception, anti-sex education, and probably in favor of getting federal funding for the sham that is "abstinence only" sex education.

As I've heard it said elsewhere, to be a Christian conversative one seemingly must believe that if you don't tell teenagers about sex, they won't have sex.


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