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Monday, February 02, 2004

Super Bowl Redux

Still taking it all in.

Brady was clutch as usual, but I think I'd have given the MVP trophy to Mike Vrabel. A sack, a key fumble recovery, and a TD pass caught - not exactly a common combination of feats in a single game.

The Pats mostly played a good game, and they had to, because the Panthers surprised everyone by being able to air out the ball.

Good thing the game was a thriller, and my boys came out on top. It helped dull the pain of the inanity and insanity that came with the package. It was a truly great game - tense minutes where nothing happened, only to see instant bursts of offense and one shift in momentum after another - that transcended the endless sea of hype that it dragged in its wake.

So...CBS's broadcasting standards compelled them to refuse to show an ad from critical of the Bush administration.

But, more importantly, they can run anti-drug ads. And anti-tobacco ads. Since those aren't political. Or something.

And their high standards include that lovely halftime show. (And it seems pretty clear to me that And a whole bunch of puerile TV commercials. I never in my life thought I'd agree 100% with Tom Shales.

I'm no prude. Nor am I that interested in PC hypersensitivity. But there were kids watching that program at that hour, and - ah, never mind. Just makes me sound old, I guess.

Best commercials? The Staples ad rang hilariously true for anyone who's ever dealt with an office manager. The anti-smoking ad with the "Shards O' Glass popsicles" was funny too. The Budweiser commercial with the mule who wanted to be a Clydesdale was cute.

Worst commercial? Not only was the horse flatulence in poor taste, the idea was stolen from "Seinfeld." And those AOL ads with the funny cars and motorcycles - a bad ad concept repeated over and over. And I don't want to think about a talking chimp copulating with a woman. I also don't want to think about a sales pitch for a drug that might give me a four-hour erection. Or anything that might give Mike Ditka an erection - for any length of time.



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