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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Weapons of Math Instruction

Apparently, Secretary of Education Rod Paige referred to the National Education Association as a "terrorist organization."

This is probably because they all have at least one almanac in their posession, which Attorney General Ashcroft told everyone to look out for.

These people need to go, including Paige, not just because he's an insensitive fool who's quick to slander his political opponents in the worst terms he can think of. They're brimming with ideas, but they're all bad ideas, and, in the case of educational policy, they won't even fund them, making the new federal education mandates both more burdensome and more counterproductive without the saving grace of more money. Now there's a move afoot for states to opt of of No Child Left Behind, led not by liberal "blue" states but Utah and Virginia.


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