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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Bracket Update #3

After the first weekend of March Madness, I'm in a tie for 3rd out of 11 participants (trailing the leader by one third-round result, effectively) but with the highest upside - I'm the only guy with his Final Four (Georgia Tech, Oklahoma State, Duke, and Connecticut) intact. Ironically, the current leader only ranks 9th in most potential points if everything goes her way from now on, since she's already lost both her finalists (Kentucky and Maryland.)

The OSU-Pitt game looms especially large as the group is split down the middle on that game.

The main value of upsets is to people who are trailing in the potential points sweepstakes - for instance, Vanderbilt beating UConn would greatly help the people who have N.C. State in that Elite Eight spot, as it would drag the UConn people down towards their level. Having fallen for the idea of the big Carolina-Duke potential matchup that's now not going to happen, I myself am pulling for Xavier (A-10 shout out!) to help take out Texas, while kicking myself for not having faith in them to upset Mississippi State.


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