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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Penguin Lust

Dan Savage has it right.

And maybe you missed the recent story in the New York Times about two gay male penguins at the Bronx Zoo who adopted and cared for a penguin chick. So it would seem that the big difference between penguins and humans isn't that we practice homosexuality and penguins don't, but that straight penguins aren't threatened by the existence of gay penguins. There is no penguin equivalent of the Traditional Values Coalition, no penguin Gary Bauer or Lou Sheldon, no penguin president trying to prevent so-and-so from loving each other and adopting chicks, and no straight penguins talking about sewing gay penguins' assholes shut.

Yeah, sometimes it'd be cooler to be a penguin. Even though I couldn't fly. At least not without the assistance of a Yeti. (Personal Best: 588)

(Thanx for the heads up, Edmund.)

Seriously, when walking to work the other morning, with a beautiful day, the sun gently beating down on my back, I thought about how fortunate I was to one of the only organisms on earth capable of appreciating the beauty of nature - since I wasn't require to spend all my energies and brain power figuring out how to eat food or avoid becoming food for some other creature.

I suppose having to deal with Lou Sheldon and Gary Bauer and George W. Bush is a small price to pay. The upside includes chocolate ice cream and the ability to play goofy computer games.


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