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Monday, May 10, 2004

Who Let The Dogs Out?

I just love the headline on this article. The juxtaposition of Bush praising Donald Rumsfeld with the references to new gruesome Iraqi torture pitcures speaks to, well, something.

Pfc. Lynndie England, suddenly notorious, was charged in connection with the abuses in Abu Gharib prison. Apparently, she's going to be employing the "I was only following orders" defense, which, as history has told us, isn't really a defense.

Certainly the flood of photos emanating from this prison hints that such abuses aren't simply isolated incidents, and that someone somewhere up the chain of command knew about and, if not encouraged, condoned or at least tolerated such behavior.

The latest ones have guards menacing the prisoners with dogs. (For what it's worth, contact with dogs is generally forbidden for Muslims.) So, the metaphorical $64,000 question is, well, the title of this entry.

There doesn't seem to be a willing fall guy, or gal, though the search is on to pin all of this on a handful of "bad apples." The meme the Pentagon seems to be pushing is that "six morons...lost the war."

In this administration, the buck stops...nowhere.

It's been asked elsewhere whether it's fair to say that Rumsfeld should be fired, or made to resign, due to these revelations, since Janet Reno didn't resign after the Waco debacle. Not a particularly relevant one from where I'm standing, since this whole war has been a fiasco, Rumsfeld and his fellow neo-conservative armchair warriors having led America and her soldiers into a hornet's nest, without much thought put in to what their goals were, what was going to happen in case the accolades and roses failed to materialize, or what was going to happen once Saddam was driven from power.

If you want to find the "six morons who lost the war," I suggest that Rumsfeld, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, and Douglas Feith are where you want to look.

I'm verging on "tinfoil hat" territory, but I have to wonder if George W. Bush and his administration are the best thing ever to happen to al-Qaida and other similar terror networks; they can operate in Iraq easier now, they've got all kinds of new recruiting tools thanks to this war in Iraq, and have isolated America (and therefore Israel) from many of its allies. Sometimes I wonder if maybe they've got something planned in the near future that they think will help Bush stay in power.

In other news, the Baha Men's irritating arena anthem "Who Let The Dogs Out?" will have its Round of 64 matchup in Jukebox From Hell starting late this evening, where it will square off against Rod Stewart's nausea-inducing tale of a wanna-be lothario, "Tonight's The Night (Gonna Be Alright.)"


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