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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Worth A Thousand Words

You've probably seen these (not work safe) pictures of Iraqi prison torture, humiliation, and abuse by now.

So much for the campaign trail claims that the torture cells and rape rooms have been closed. I wonder how you say "Under New Management" in Arabic.

Now, before I start going on my righteous indignation kick, there is an obvious moral quandary involved with torturing a terrorist suspect who just might have the information you need, for instance, to stop a dirty bomb from exploding in Boston or Chicago.

That said, I have no idea what, say, forcing prisoners to masturbate on camera is supposed to accomplish. I hope they got some damn good information about insurgents or terrorist plots or at least something of value that way, but I can't imagine whatever information they would have gained would have been worth the horrible publicity the United States is receiving, and how many people who had been sitting on the fence regarding the occupation are now ready to believe the worst things said about American intentions in the Middle East by the Osama bin Ladens of the world.

Even worse, I'd be shocked if even one of the Iraqi prisoners in these picture knows anything about the planning of terrorist activity in Iraq or anywhere else.

The report by Maj. General Antonio Taguda regarding the sort of prison abuse in Iraq depicted in the link photos above has been available to Pentagon brass for weeks, and yet Gen. Richard Meyers asserted that "it had not made its way up the chain of command" on a television interview this weekend, despite the fact that the report was the talk of Washington by then, and that the pictures were on television the week before.

Not that there was really that much chance of America winning the "hearts and minds" of the Iraqi people, but this incident is probably the death knell of such a notion.

Anyone of any influence who believed that Iraqis would welcome us with roses, and based our war planning on that idea, deserves to never have any of his or her statements about anything taken seriously ever again.

Mission Accomplished, my ass.

Also, what he said.


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